Need a witness to come to the embassy. Will Pay!

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I need to get a document witnessed and notarized at the US Embassy. I have to bring my own witness, and everyone I know works during the day and can not take off. I am looking for someone to meet me at the front of the Embassy, ​​and I am looking forward to hearing from you. In total it should not take more than 2 hours (1 round trip and 1 hour in the embassy). I am willing to pay $ 10,000 peso per hour including 1hr traveling time. Thus at minimum you would receive 20,000 peso. If it takes longer then it will take a long time or if it takes 2.5 hours total. I need someone Monday morning at 8:30 when it opens, and I need to know tonight or tomorrow morning as it takes 4 business days to get an appointment. You do not have to be a US citizen, but English is required. Please PM ASAP if interested.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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