Armed citizens?

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So there are still asshats out there just ruining villages for kicks and the game seems to favor griefers even after all the updates.
The new wounding mechanic is pretty useless in my opinion. I have found out recently that when you are wounded you cannot hold/use any items.  You can only run around crying about getting stabbed. Well what if you could use items when wounded?  In my opinion that would be a great deterrent to murders because if you had a weapon handy you'd be able to just retaliate and kill the sadsacks before they go on a murder rampage and wipe out a village.  To me it would at least provide better defense as opposed to having a guard that just gets targeted first anyway.
I know there are other ways to grief but here Im focussed more on the murdering swine.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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