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I have been stuck in platinum since season 5 (when I started playing comp) because of my teammates. Now I know this all sounds like a cliche because blablabla ur doing nothing wrong sure man. I know I also make mistakes but when I spectate my teammates they have sensitivity higher than their iq. Either they dont join voice chat or they just generally SUCK at what they play. Maybe they are toxic and ruining the game for everyone else or just butthurt about constructive feedback. I've countlessly been facing a situation where I hit an enemy hero to about 1hp before I die/ get pulled off for whatever reasons. I always call stuff like this in voice but they always just focus the high hp targets instead. Because of this and throwing teammates jumping off the map and earraping for the past 5 elim comps in a row I placed in GOLD. Now explain to me blizzard, why would a guy who has aim better than diamond and possibly masters, that gets gold elims and dmg with literally any dps hero and even some tanks, that always plays with complete retards want to continue playing your expensive !@#$ty %^- game? Waste of money unless you fix it. I can't tell you last time I got a good team. And ive probably never had a team of nice people either.

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